Day: December 16, 2021

What Makes A Leader? Kanye West. Dave Chappelle. Jon Gruden. Colin Powell.

Welcome to the B Dorm podcast. You ever see an eclectic group of friends and wonder how the hell such diverse people ended up meeting and getting along? Ever wonder what conversations take place behind closed doors, when political correctness isn’t a factor and friends can just be real with each other? That’s what the […]

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145. Chuck Todd. Why Does The Media Suck? Affirmation vs Information. Joe Rogan, Ben Shapiro & the Hyper-fragmentation of News. Predicting 2024 Nominees. Four Parties vs Two. January 6th Subpoenas. Hosting Meet The Press From Home. SFC Alwyn Cashe’s CMOH.

Yeah…Santa is coming very soon. But before he does, we’ve got some pretty wild political news happening in America. And we wanna give you an early holiday gift of great content. And a very high-profile guest. Unless you haven’t already read the title, you know who it is. He’s the host of Meet The Press, […]

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