Day: March 10, 2022

159. UKRAINE WAR REPORT. Rep Adam Kinzinger. America’s no-fly zone stiff-arm. Will Congress vote to declare war on Russia? US veterans join the fight. WTF is up with the MiGs to Poland? NOW will he leave the Republican Party? The new test of the AUMF.

There are only hard choices left now. Not just for Ukraine. But for everyone who cares about freedom, liberty and humanity. President Zelensky and the people of #Ukraine are crying out for a no-fly zone. But the US government and NATO are giving them the stiff-arm. While Putin continues to slaughter civilians and commit war crimes.  The […]

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KBLA – The Tavis Smiley Show – March 9, 2022

Paul joins Tavis Smiley for a discussion ranging from hip hop to Ukraine to Iraq. It’s a can’t miss conversation.

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