Andrew Serra. Remembering Fallen Hero Phil D’Adamo. When Tragedy Hits Home. 2001’s Forgotten Losses. Meet Tank: New York’s Next Most Famous Dog. Frankie’s Firehouse Feast: Chicken Cutlets.

Content Warning: This episode contains graphic content. 

Welcome back to the hottest podcast in America, literally. 

Firefighters are a family. We eat together, we laugh together, and we share in the good times and the bad. Together. And that’s what we’re going to do in this episode. We’re going to gather our family and we’re going to remember some of the people that aren’t here with us anymore.

Andrew Serra @AndrewSerraAuth, brother of host Rob, is Captain of FDNY Ladder 20 in Soho. He’s back for a look back at the story of the first line of duty funeral he and Rob attended back on December 2, 1984 for close family friend and Staten Island firefighter Phil D’Adamo. His loss is still felt today, by his family and friends, but also by his brothers in the firehouse. There’s a great story to a hilarious tribute to Phil’s sense of humor and a lot of other great memories you don’t want to miss. 

We’ve also got an introduction you’re going to love. You’ll get to meet Tank, FDNY’s latest dalmatian pup and New York’s future ‘most famous’ dog. If you’re one of America’s Firefighters, a first responder, or the family or a friend of one… this is your new home. 

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