Diane Cotter. Inside the Fight to Protect Firefighters from Harmful Chemicals in Their Gear. Tenacity. A Family of (Fire)Fighters.

Content Warning: This episode contains graphic content. 

Welcome back to the hottest podcast in America, literally. 

This episode takes you deep inside a fight. A fight against an invisible enemy. An enemy you might have never heard of. But an enemy that surrounds you every time you go to fight fires. That enemy is PFAS, a chemical component added to your turnout gear to help prevent the gear from being damaged by UV light. In 2017 PFAS were named by the IARC. It’s a serious issue and there is a desperate need for solid answers now — before it causes more firefighters to suffer grave illness and even loss of life. 

And this episode’s guest is fighting that fight. She’s a hero and a helper. Diane Cotter’s (@_diane_cotter) husband was a career firefighter in Worcester, Massachusetts. He helped bravely fight the Worcester Cold Storage and Warehouse Co. fire in 1999 and despite the tragedy of that day, or maybe as a result of it, he formed many close friendships with FDNY firefighters he met that day. But little did he know on that day that within a few years he’d be left sickened, fighting for his life and on the edge of despair. 

All because of the PFAS in his gear. The same PFAS that is in your gear right now.

If you’re one of America’s Firefighters, a first responder, or the family or a friend of one… this is your new home. 

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