Jeff Cool. Surviving NYC’s Infamous Black Sunday Fire. Putting a Price on the Life of Firefighters. Meet the Members of the Misfit Toy Club. Frankie’s Firehouse Feast: Pork Cutlets!

Content Warning: This episode contains graphic content. 

Welcome back to the hottest podcast in America, literally. Hosted by FDNY Hero and renowned advocate for firefighters, Rob Serra. 

Some days everything goes wrong. Sunday, January 23, 2005 was one of those days. At 7:59AM three alarms were called. The FDNY’s Engine Company 42, Ladder Company 33, Ladder Company 27, and Rescue Company 3 all responded. What should have been a textbook fire, turned horribly tragic when six firefighters became trapped in a burning maze of illegally constructed tenements. They were forced to jump from the windows. John G. Bellew and Lieutenant Curtis W. Meyran died trying to escape and Brendan Cawley, Jeff Cool, Joe DiBernardo, and Gene Stolowski, were all severely injured and forced to retire as a result of their injuries.

Jeff Cool shares his heroic story of what happened that day, and the challenges he’s faced since. It’s a harrowing story. And he was one of the lucky ones. And when you hear what could have prevented the tragedy, it will leave you shocked and angry. But we’re not going to back down. It’s a fight that we’re going to keep fighting. 

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