Jim Burneka. Dayton, Ohio Firefighter, Activist and Host of “The 25 Live” Podcast Joins Rob for a Deep Dive on PFAS, Gear & Cancer.

Content Warning: This episode contains graphic content. 

Welcome back to the hottest podcast in America, literally. 

“I’m just not sure everyone is even aware that it’s a problem. You and I know it. A handful of people know it. But the vast majority of firefighters are clueless that their gear is a threat.” That’s a warning. A warning to us all that is being sounded by Jim Burneka (@jimburneka). A warning we can’t afford to ignore. It’s a subject we covered last week with Diane Cotter (@_diane_cotter) of Worcester, Massachusetts and it’s a subject we are going to continue to cover until the problem is solved. And this problem is a massive problem.

So massive in fact that the great John Oliver covered it this week on his show. PFAs are in everything. And the research is starting to back up what Firefighters and others have been saying all along. The chemicals are bad, firefighters are getting sick and dying, and we need to be aware and minimize exposure at every possible opportunity. And most importantly, pay attention to the signs. You’ll hear why when Jim breaks down how he found out he got sick. It’s as serious as it gets. 

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