Vinny Lopes. Bragging Rights – Another FDNY Victory in the Annual Hockey for Heroes Matchup. Remembering Two Heroes: Timothy Klein & Roger Loud. Frankie Cooks Vinny’s Sausage, Spinach Pasta.

Content Warning: This episode contains graphic content. 

Welcome back to the hottest podcast in America, literally. Hosted by FDNY Hero and renowned advocate for firefighters, Rob Serra. 

Sometimes even the worst tragedies can create great things. We bond in the suck, we lift each other up, and we get through the tough times together. The annual Hockey for Heroes matchup between FDNY and NYPD’s hockey teams was born from the tragedy of 9/11. And it’s become a way for the survivors to remember the fallen, and to move forward with their families. It’s a great event every year and this year was no different.

We’ve got a great talk with Vinny Lopes, who scored the overtime game winning goal to give FDNY its fifth straight victory. And while we love to bust the cops chops, nobody loses this game.

But sometimes losers show up to the games. And before we get to Vinny we’ve got to have a frank discussion about how people are behaving. After the game there was an episode with a rowdy fan chanting profanities aimed at the President. At a totally non-political event, and worst of all they used a lot of profanity in the presence of children. Whatever side you’re on we should all be able to agree that we need to do better. That the anger is unacceptable. That cussing in front of children is unacceptable. The politicians won’t fight for you, why would you fight for them? We can all do better.

Frankie is back and this episode she’s cooking Vinny’s Game Winning Sausage and Spinach Pasta. It’s almost as tasty as that game winner was. Almost.

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