Righteous Media

34% of Americans are registered as independents or unaffiliated voters and the number is growing on a daily basis. They change the course of almost every election, yet they remain the single most under-served constituency in the country.

2022 and 2024 are the defining time for American democracy. And independents.

Independents are the future. That’s part of why they’re also under attack.

There is a huge political assault coming on independent Americans. Trump loyalists in 9 states (and possibly more) are moving aggressively to enact partisan voter registration and closed primaries in 2023. 

This initiative would double the number of people shut out of presidential primaries from 20 million to 43 million.  

We need a historic investment in finally building a real and lasting independent political infrastructure that can defend against these attacks, and create the basic infrastructure and momentum for transformative, lasting change. And this is the time.

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