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Dropping for Black History Month, the New Politically Independent Morning Show-Style Pod Hosted by Activists Don Elivert & Jehriko Turner Tackles Race, Politics, News, Culture, Sports and More

February 18, 2022

NEW YORK, NY:  Righteous Media (the independent media company founded by activist Paul Rieckhoff and behind Independent Americans with Paul Rieckhoff, The Firefighters Podcast with Rob Serra, FDNY(Ret.), Uncle Montel – The OG of Weed and Everybody & Their Mother Has a Podcast) is proud to announce the launch of it’s newest project: a provocative, smart, and fun new podcast: “The B Dorm Podcast”.

Hear the trailer now.

And listen to Episode One and/or watch video clips of B Dorm on the show website now here

Have you ever seen an eclectic group of friends and wonder how the hell such diverse people ended up meeting and getting along? Ever wonder what conversations take place behind closed doors, when political correctness isn’t a factor and friends can just be real with each other? That’s what The B Dorm Podcast is about.

Hosted by two black men from Queens, educated at one of America’s most elite and most white colleges, they dive into the news, politics, race and pop culture with a perspective that flies from the highly intellectual to the downright silly. The “B Dorm” at Amherst College was the place they met and held court. Now, it’s the vibe of their new podcast. The show will be free and feature audio released on all platforms, with corresponding video posted on YouTube.

They get serious, but have fun–and always keep it real. Drawing from a diverse network of men and women across business and the arts, from the powerful Righteous Media network of hosts and guests, and from former roommates and other friends from their not-so-diverse Little Ivy alma mater. Real-talk with two real friends, who are real smart and real fun. And conversations with real people from Senators to college buddies who have navigated the minefields of divisiveness in society to achieve happiness and success in adult life. They chat about business, culture, entertainment, and whatever comes to mind. Sometimes they get serious, but they never take themselves too seriously. It’s an unapologetic, dorm room style conversation – sometimes controversial, always entertaining: this is The B Dorm Podcast.

From George Floyd, to Dave Chappelle, to Joe Rogan, to January 6th, to the upcoming mid-term elections…and whatever issue explodes in the headlines next, this show is the place for you to go to break it down. Don and Jehriko are the men in the arena. But in 2022, the arena should be less like a UFC fight, and more like B Dorm.

In a sea of partisan nonsense and weakness, The B Dorm Podcast (B Dorm) is the hottest new morning show-style podcast in America. In the spirit of The Breakfast Club, with the intelligence of Howard Stern and with the edge of Joe Rogan, B Dorm is the new weekly show that’s not afraid to talk race–and culture, music, sports, relationships, politics and anything else on the minds of the dynamic, fun and energizing hosts, Don Elivert (@voiceofdon) and Jehriko Turner (@JehrikoTurner). They have big voices–and big brains. The two former college roommates at elite Amherst College, bring the smarts of a liberal arts education, ear of the streets, and the experience of the boardroom to a next generation media effort. Don and Jehriko met 20 years ago inside their diverse, wild and fun dorm in Western Massachusetts, which became a rally point and gathering center for students of all backgrounds. That dorm was called the “B Dorm”. In that dorm room two decades ago, Don and Jehriko led conversations on everything from macro-economic theory, to Jay-Z vs 2PAC, to Cookie Crisps vs Corn Pops, with friends of all backgrounds. They kept the peace–and kept it real. And that’s what they’re doing now with B Dorm.

Other shows talk around race, B Dorm talks ABOUT race. And B Dorm lives it. Don and Jehriko have navigated the perilous world of elite America as black men, and now want to guide a national conversation for the next generation–and for all generations. If you’re bored with Morning Joe, exhausted by Breakfast Club, and infuriated by everything else, B Dorm is the injection of intelligence, realness and fun you need.

DON ELIVERT (CO-HOST): A first-generation Haitian American, Don Elivert is a native New Yorker, born and raised in Queens. He earned a full academic scholarship to the prestigious Regis High School in NY, before collecting a BS in Psychology from Amherst College with a focus on the derivation of stereotypes and prejudice. He was also a member of an award-winning a cappella/sketch comedy group, lending his exceptional voice to a variety of projects and performances. In his professional career, Don worked for 15+ years with TransPerfect Translations, the world’s largest localization and multilingual business services provider. He has been a consultant on over a thousand brand messaging projects for the world’s top marketing firms, media conglomerates, broadcast production agencies, and Fortune 500 brands. But Don has returned to his art, and now splits his time between working as a Voice-Actor and a Business Consultant. He has narrated dozens of corporate videos, internet promos, eLearning/training modules, and audiobooks.

JEHRIKO TURNER (CO-HOST): Justin (Jehriko) Turner, lovingly known as JT, is a New York native with familial roots in the deep American South. His CV is stuffed with academic and artistic accolades from Phillips Andover Academy and Amherst College; he also holds a Master of Fine Arts Degree and several domestic/international publications as both a writer and a photographer. Professionally, he has produced several Fashion events and stage plays while also working as a Non-Profit Executive and Civil Rights Activist with a focus on voter suppression. For the past 12+ years, he has served as a Professor in the City University of New York school system, working part-time as a freelance Fashion Content Creator. Unapologetically pro-black and pro-small business, JT founded Metropolitan Couture Media Group (MCMG) to help fashion brands owned by designers of color to produce high-quality media at low to no cost. In 4 years, MCMG has produced close to 50 published editorials and events in multiple US cities, in addition to raising awareness and funds for several Black/Latinx-owned charities.

Produced by Righteous Founder and President, and 9/11 First Responder, Paul Rieckhoff and Creative Director, Chris Rosenthal, you can hear Episode One of the B Dorm Podcast for free now anywhere you get podcasts Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn Radio, or on the show website here.

“The last few years, we’ve all been forced to re-evaluate our priorities, our personal and professional influences, and our sources of information. Despite the fact there has never been more knowledge at our fingertips and ability to listen and learn from the life experiences of people that differ from us in order to become more united, we seem to be stuck in a media cycle that is purposely causing more division and bombarding us with information that only reinforces our pre-existing ideas.

I’ve spent the majority of my life learning to exist outside of my comfort zone based on where I grew up, went to school, and worked. I had to learn to constantly adapt and appreciate different ideas and opinions that conflicted with mine while still maintaining a sense of self-pride and independence. That’s why I’ve been a fan of Righteous Media. It’s focus on Independence, Integrity, Information, Inspiration and Impact isn’t just lip service, it’s authentic and genuine and easily visible in the diverse media it produces. I’m HYPED about joining the Righteous Media family with the platform they’ve given me and JT to have real, authentic discussions with no agenda other than addressing the topics that really matter to most of us in a way that is actually productive, insightful, and hilarious all at the same time – just like the conversations we used to have with our crew behind closed doors back in BDorm!”

-Don Elivert

“This show will make noise, spark conversation and generate lots of good trouble. We are proud and excited to bring our voice, ideas and network to new audience across America and around the world. And we’re thrilled to do it with our old friend, Paul Rieckhoff, and the dynamic team from Righteous. Righteous occupies that huge INDEPENDENT space in the middle, where real shit is hashed out, and I am thrilled to join my boy Don “the Pizz” as we jump right up in there on the BDorm Podcast!”

-Jehriko Turner

“This is a show for this moment in America. Don Elivert and Jehriko Turner are powerful activists, warm hearts, brilliant minds, and true role models. They’re interesting, dynamic, wise, connected and funny as hell. They are unafraid, and ready to help us all through these trying times in America with wit, friendship, respect and fun. I’ve been honored to call them my friends for over 25 years. And now, I’m honored to welcome Don and Jeriko to the Righteous family, and to be a part of helping them reach more independent Americans everywhere. I love these guys. And I know America will too.”

-Paul Rieckhoff

EPISODE 1 was released today. It’s an introduction to your new favorite podcasts hosts: Don Elivert and Jehriko Turner as they dig into what it means to celebrate blackness in America. From Kwanzaa to MLK Day to Black History month, there’s a lot to explore and a lot to break down. It’s deep stuff but Don and JT keep it fun and the show is guaranteed to keep you thinking for days. And don’t miss them sharing some excellent pointers on getting the most out of your experiences when you’re traveling abroad with their Traveler’s Cheat Code. It’s great advice for anybody who wants to have more authentic experiences when you’re traveling (who doesn’t?). You’re definitely gonna wanna give this a listen. And to wrap it up, they’ve got some hilarious answers to a great question. What’s your last meal… if you had to build it with street food only? It’s a delicious exploration of some of the finer things in life. There’s a lot of flavor in this episode. From Soup Joumou to Frank’s Gyros to some fine honey roasted cashews, this episode has it all. Grab a snack


Righteous is the media company for independent and unaffiliated Americans and a rising force in new media content and community. Focused on news, politics and culture, and founded by renowned veterans activist Paul Rieckhoff, Righteous powers innovative podcasts, video, television and film titles including Independent Americans with Paul Rieckhoff, Everybody & Their Mother Has a Podcast, The Dispatches, While the Rest of Us Die on VICE TV, The Firefighters Podcast with Rob Serra and Uncle Montel – The OG of Weed. Righteous is built around 5 core values—“The Righteous 5 I’s”: independence, integrity, information, inspiration and impact. 

What about the massive, underserved middle? What about the politically unaffiliated? What about the independent Americans? They don’t have a real home in the media. Until now.

Righteous is built around a simple principle: news and politics is important and interesting. And it should be independent. It doesn’t have to be the tool of one political party or the other. It can be patriotic without being extreme. It doesn’t have to answer to corporate masters or be interrupted by erectile dysfunction commercials. And it doesn’t have to suck. It delves into music, sports, and parenthood. It can be fun. Especially with the massive heaviness of the terrible news happening in America right now, we all need a dash of levity. Enter Righteous. See more and join the movement at www.Righteous.us.

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For any other questions: info@Righteous.us.

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