In this exceptionally turbulent global business, social and political environment, only those who can predict the weather and prepare for the storms will thrive.


The coronavirus pandemic created an unprecedentedly chaotic new normal. Protests nationwide, deep social divisions, massive economic disruption, recent elections, an insurrection attempt, war in Ukraine and partisan political gridlock have added even more tumult to a dynamic landscape.


On any given morning, the unexpected could happen and turn any operation completely upside down. A new coronavirus outbreak, a new government stimulus package, a Supreme Court decision, a Cabinet Secretary stepping down, a total government shutdown, or a merely a Presidential Tweet, can send shockwaves across a cause or company worldwide. This is especially true for any organization that does business with the Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs or the government more broadly at the federal, state or local level. And the 2022 midterm elections and 2024 Presidential Election will drive and disrupt an already stormy environment even more dramatically. Chaos is the new normal.


But it’s not only about playing defense. Every crisis also provides an opportunity. Established players are crumbling. Government funds are flying out rapidly. Philanthropy from all leaders is now expected. With expanded privatization under the Trump Administration, government expansion under Biden, a growing focus on innovation and the urgent need for new technology at the federal and local level, opportunities are plentiful. If you can find them.


Righteous Consulting empowers our partners to succeed in today’s complex and dynamic political, business and media landscape. The modern business environment is much like a modern battlefield. It’s dynamic, it’s complicated, it’s dangerous. And it’s changing by the day. But it’s also filled with exceptional targets of opportunity. And to succeed in a business, campaign or cause, just as in combat, you need the best intelligence, the strongest network and the most tested leadership. That’s what the Righteous team brings. We know how to anticipate change, prepare for the future and build to win.


Righteous is a veteran-owned business powered by Righteous Founder and President Paul Rieckhoff’s unmatched experience in media, politics, strategic communications, branding, advocacy, military and veterans affairs, online organizing, philanthropy, and social impact. He’s a renowned thought-leader, strategist and social entrepreneur recognized as an elite Ashoka Fellow, featured on the cover of Time Magazine and called on by the media and America’s top political leaders often. Rieckhoff’s also been a leader in developing and executing groundbreaking military and veterans cause-marketing campaigns with leaders like the AdCouncil, Miller/Coors, Google, Victory Motorcycles, HBO, JCPenney, the Knight Foundation, JCRT, and more. From televised concerts on the National Mall in Washington, to July 4th activations with Major League Baseball, to signing ceremonies at the White House, to camouflage clothes to benefit veterans, he has been a driving creative and strategic force for almost two decades.


Our experience is complemented by a driven team of exceptional leaders with unique skill sets. Clients range from Fortune 500 companies launching veterans programs, to city governments, to films in need of technical consulting, to networks hosting political events with presidential candidates, to technology start-ups. Our unique expertise in understanding the Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs and Congress is also extremely valuable in today’s environment and especially for those seeking to prepare for constant political change, defend against regulation and attacks, explore a wide range of government contracts, and make transformative social impact.


For the true leaders, this is the time to take action. This is the time to get Righteous.