Righteous Media

Righteous Media is a proud partner and supporter of Operation Liberty. The decision to overturn Roe vs Wade will have devastating impacts on women and nonbinary service members and veterans. It will also significantly weaken our overall national defense, and damage military morale, readiness, recruiting and retention. It already has. See more here. This decision doesn’t only impact women and nonbinary service members, it impacts everyone in the military and veteran community and everything that we touch. And therefore, it impacts all Americans.

Immediate, non-partisan action must be taken now to minimize the harm, take care of our own, and plan for the future. As our country recognizes its independence and liberty this July 4th, we are standing for our own independence and liberty. As veterans and as citizens.

We are an experienced group of leaders from the military and veteran community and will fight for the following actions to protect ourselves, our service members and fellow veterans, and the future of the country we love.

Join the Fight Here: Operation Liberty