The news and political media is failing America.

As our country burns, they fan the flames.

Partisans dominate. The two sides are constantly at war. And most Americans are sick of it.

What about the independents? What about the massive underserved middle?

They have no home in the media… Until now.

Righteous Media.

Ferociously Independent. Empowering Independent Americans. Edgy. Muscular.
Intelligent. Independent.

Righteous is built on 5 core values:
Independence. Integrity. Information. Inspiration. Impact.

They reluctantly picked Biden or Trump. They watch MSNBC, CNN or Fox—as a default.

But they don’t feel good about it. And they are never inspired by it.

More than ever before in modern American history, independent-minded Americans are looking for alternatives. Media alternatives like Vice, Joe Rogan, Vox, The Atlantic, OZY and Axios.

34% of American voters are unaffiliated/independent. And a third of registered Republicans and Democrats are centrists. That’s more than 90 million of the 230 million registered voters in America.

They will be the core, powerful and growing audience for Righteous.

Righteous Media is a subscription-based digital media company creating content in three vital areas: News, Politics, and Culture

Righteous delivers content and engagement that builds community through: Podcasts, Newsletters, Video, Events, Merch

America is hungry for a truly Independent media platform. Personality-driven by authentic, experienced, non-partisan voices.

With a strong foundation in:
National Security
Foreign Affairs

Righteous is a production machine with established titles and many new shows in development. Every new title will compliment the Righteous brand and grow the community.

America is longing for a strong, edgy, authentic, entertaining, independent place for news, politics and culture. A non-partisan place we can trust. A place we can leave without feeling programmed, disgusted, angry, or stupid. A place where we can enjoy the amazingness of news and debate that actually exists in our country—just not on your TV or laptop.

Imagine if Bill Maher was actually as cool as he thought he was. Imagine if two thirds of his guests didn’t come from his tired stable of celebrities, far-left heroes, and conservative punching bags. Imagine if there was a political news network that felt like ESPN.

Imagine if you turned on a news network not just to be “caught up” on the day, but to be entertained, enlightened and inspired.

Imagine honesty. The time is now. And the alternative is here. Enter Righteous.

Righteous is the first new media brand designed specifically for the educated, driven, independent/politically-unaffiliated American.

The core demo is 20-55. Male and female. They are the man and woman who watch the NFL and read The New York Times. They read GQ and like a little NASCAR. They appreciate clear guidance about a good bourbon and a new car, but can figure out who to vote for on their own–thank you very much. They love hip-hop and rock and roll. They have a passport and know to take their shoes off when they are going through TSA. They love technology–and a good UFC fight. Their family and their beer. Some own guns. Some don’t. They’re diverse—and so are their friends. They’re gay and straight. They think for themselves. They love their country.

But they really hate its politics. And most of its media.

They saw value in the positions of Obama and Romney. But weren’t happy with either. They hate Trump and Hillary.

And they feel the same way about the political parties. They may vote Democrat or Republican, but they know neither one really encompasses all that they believe. They read the names of our war dead. And wished more other people did the same.

They miss John McCain. They like things about Mike Bloomberg. But really love Teddy Roosevelt. And they dig Hamilton. The show and the man. Our guy or gal takes their hat off for the national anthem, but is far from a redneck.

They kneel and they stand. But they never bend.

They believe America’s best days could be ahead of it, but knows it won’t be easy. And they hate bullshit.

They are the real Angry Americans. The real patriots. They’re independent. And they’re not alone.

Finally, there is a truly independent place for news and opinion that doesn’t suck.

It’s Righteous.

Righteous is built around a simple principle: news and politics is important and interesting. And it should be independent.

It doesn’t have to be the tool of one political party or the other. And it doesn’t have to suck. It delves into music, sports, parenthood. It can be fun. Especially with the massive heaviness of the terrible shit happening in America right now, we all need a dash of levity.

Righteous is a curator. The connected friend who has an extra ticket to the game for you. A tour guide through the wilderness who knows what mushrooms you can eat–and which ones you can’t. She’s a historian. And a soothsayer. He’s a former QB that can break down the game unfolding and changing before your eyes. She knows the bouncer. He has the cheat codes. And he’s sharing them with you. Because you’re cool and smart enough to have chosen to be here. He’s welcoming you into the club. And she’s introducing you to her friends. They are Righteous.

Righteous is not a network. It’s a place. A place you like to visit. A place you want to bring your friends. A place where you feel like you matter. A place you want to come back to. A place of respect–where assholes are not welcome.

It’s a place where real political talk happens. The kind of political talk that has happened for generations of Americans in places other than on a screen. The real talk that happens across the country at bars, kitchen tables, college dining halls, and barbershops.

It’s a place where drinks are served, cursing is plentiful, and ties are rarely worn. It’s the place where movements begin.

The place where you meet your mentor, your new business partner, your spouse, your foil.

Imagine a place with live-studio audiences (who can also have a drink if they like). It’s a bit rowdy, it’s always honest, it’s definitely different. And it’s long overdue.

Crooked Media and Pod Save America have recently proven that there is an audience for the political left. And Breitbart and Fox have a lock on the right.

But what about the massive, underserved middle? What about the politically unaffiliated? What about the independent Americans?

They don’t have a real home in the media.

Until now.


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