Righteous Media

Paul Rieckhoff joins Amy McGrath in ringing the alarm about the threat white nationalism in the military creates for our country.

CNN: “The military is still the most respected institution in America, but this respect is not a given. The politicizing of the military under the Trump administration and the growth of right-wing extremism among veterans are serious threats to that national admiration.

Veterans made up as much as 20% of the people arrested so far in relation to the violent insurrection at the Capitol on January 6, according to an NPR count. This is a much higher percentage than the 7% of veterans in the population as a whole. Additionally, most of them served since 9/11. These domestic terrorists who attacked our democracy included men and women, officers and enlisted, spanning almost all of the service branches. As a nation, we must face the hard fact that there may be a systemic problem here, the nature and depth of which is yet to be determined.”


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